Financial Instruments

Every specific financial instrument - such as a bond issued on 3 May 2022, paying 3% coupon and maturing 10 years later - is represented in Deriscope as a Deriscope Object of some Deriscope Type XYZ, where XYZ represents the abstract structure of that financial instrument and is a subtype of the special Deriscope type Tradable.

In effect, the Tradable type represents all financial instruments. It is one of the main six Deriscope types according to the following grand hierarchical scheme:

Below is the hierarchical structure of all financial instruments, which - as mentioned above - are subtypes of the Tradable type.

Please note that the following graphical representation is manually maintained and may not be updated to include all financial instrument types supported by Deriscope. A complete and automatically updated list of all financial instrument types can be seen by clicking the Tradable element below.