The Excel Derivatives Periscope


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Z Download Now 6.7.0 for Excel 32 bit

Z Download Now 6.7.0 for Excel 64 bit


Click on the appropriate button above to download the Deriscope installer and equip your Excel with the Deriscope Add-In.
Downloading and installing requires no credit card or registration.

Choose the button that matches the bitness of your Excel installation (which may differ from the bitness of your operating system).
All Windows Excel versions from Excel 2000 to Excel 2016 are supported.
You are adviced to uninstall your previous Deriscope version before you install a new release.
After installation, you will notice a new ribbon item labelled "Deriscope" each time you start Excel. This action is completely anonymous and requires no registration or license.
Deriscope installation is user-specific and requires no admin rights. More than one users on the same computer will have to install their separate user-specific Deriscope Add-In but they can benefit from sharing the same license. You can easily uninstall Deriscope at any time through control panel as you would uninstall any other application.

If you do not have of a license, your usage of Deriscope is restricted.

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Do you want to acquire practice with trading in a real time environment with non-delayed actual feeds?

Do you want to find out if you are able to generate consistently trading profit before you risk your own money?
Z Real Time

Stock Trading Simulator
Z Real Time

Forex Trading Simulator

Then download the above Deriscope Real Time Trading Simulator spreadsheets!

You can use them without license, but then the usage constraint mentioned above applies.
Unlimited usage is granted under any of the licenses offered at this page.
They provides you with actual bid-ask quotes on US stocks and currencies and allow you to place simulated market orders.
Since the quotes are not time-delayed, you can link your trading decisions on real time news feeds.
You may also use Excel's flexible spreadsheet environment to design and test your own trading signals.
Video tutorial on Stock Simulator
Video tutorial on Stock Simulator - version 2
Video tutorial on Forex Simulator