The Excel Derivatives Periscope

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Latest free stable release version:

Please choose below according to the bitness of your Excel installation (which by the way may differ from the bitness of your operating system)

You are adviced to uninstall your previous Deriscope version before you install a new release.

Z Download Now 3.12.0 for Excel 32 bit

Z Download Now 3.12.0 for Excel 64 bit


Click on Version History to see what is new with this version.

All Windows Excel versions from Excel 2000 to Excel 2016 are supported.
As I have not tested Excel on mac, please let me know if it works there as well.

When you click on a button above, the installer - which is a self-extracting executable archive - will start being downloaded to your pc. When the downloading process has finished, you must run the installer - for example by double-clicking on it - in order to register Deriscope as a com addin within Excel.

After installation, you will notice a new ribbon item labelled "Deriscope" each time you start Excel.

You can easily uninstall Deriscope at any time through control panel as you would uninstall any other application.

Do you want to acquire practice with trading in a real time environment with non-delayed actual feeds?

Do you want to find out if you are able to generate consistently trading profit before you risk your own money?
Z Real Time

Stock Trading Simulator
Z Real Time

Forex Trading Simulator

Then download the free Deriscope Real Time Trading Simulator spreadsheets!

They provide you with actual bid-ask quotes on stocks and currencies and allow you to place simulated market orders.

Since the quotes are not time-delayed, you can link your trading decisions on real time news feeds.

You may also use Excel's flexible spreadsheet environment to design and test your own trading signals.

Video tutorial on Stock Simulator

Video tutorial on Stock Simulator - version 2

Video tutorial on Forex Simulator