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The Setup of a Free Trial Version page contains detailed instructions.

Choose the button that matches the bitness of your Excel installation. Note, this may differ from the bitness of your windows operating system. Most windows operating systems today are 64 bit, but the installed Excel is often 32 bit.
If unsure, start your Excel and try to reach the About section.
In Office 365, for example, you start by clicking on the Account button, as shown below:

Then on the About Excel button:

The Excel bitness will then appear similar to this screenshot:

All Excel versions from Excel 2000 to Excel 2021 as well as Office 365 are supported.

The corresponding installer file will be downloaded from the Deriscope server to your download folder of you local device, provided your antivirus software does not raise any false alarms thinking the file might set your computer at risk.
If this happens, you would need to pause your antivirus for one minute and repeat the process.
After the download is complete, your browser may ask you to run the installer file.
You may answer yes and run the installation immediately or defer this action for a later point in time.

Yes. You may run the downloaded installer file at any later time.
It is actually a good idea to keep the file in some external storage device so that you will be able to reinstall Deriscope if your windows system is reset.

Yes, you can. It is actually recommended to install and run Deriscope before purchasing a license so that you can verify that everything runs smoothly at your device as no refund is possible after a license purchase.

Without a license, you can use Deriscope indefinitely, albeit with several restrictions on the range of features that will be available to you.
But every time you start Excel and enable Deriscope, you will be given the option to request an activation code for a free two-week trial license.

No, but you would need to fill out a user form in Excel with some valid email address to which the activation code for the trial license will be sent.
Personal data, such as name, birth date or credit card number, are not required in this process.

You will receive an email with the activation code immediately after you have filled out the user form in Excel.
This process is automated.

You will still be able to use Deriscope indefinitely under certain restrictions with regard to the range of accessible features.
Alternatively, you may want to purchase a commercial license in order to continue using Deriscope without restrictions.

Please refer first to our troubleshooting Page.
If you don't find a solution to your problem there, please contact Support.

Deriscope installation is user-specific and requires no admin rights.

More than one users on the same computer will have to install their separate user-specific Deriscope Add-In but they can benefit from sharing the same license.

You can easily uninstall Deriscope at any time through the windows control panel as you would uninstall any other windows application, as this screenshot shows:

If you start Excel and enable Deriscope, you will see at the bottom of the wizard a message notifying you that a newer version is available for download, as this screenshot shows:

Simply follow the instructions to upgrade to the latest version from within Excel.
Alternatively, you can uninstall the old version through the Windows panel and then install the new version.

Please contact Deriscope Support and let them know of the situation.
If you don't remember the exact version number associated with the installer file, you would need at least to provide them with the approximate installation date.
Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee, we will be able to respond to that request properly and therefore we recommend you maintain a safe copy of your original installer file.