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You may have to temporarily switch off your antivirus as it is likely to block the installation due to false positive signals!

Z Download Now 2.5.3 for Excel 32 bit

Z Download Now 2.5.3 for Excel 64 bit


All Excel versions from Excel 2000 to Excel 2016 are supported.

Click on Version History to see what is new with this version.

When you click on a button above, the installer - which is a self-extracting executable archive - will start being downloaded to your pc. When the downloading process has finished, you must run the installer - for example by double-clicking on it - in order to register Deriscope as a com addin within Excel.

If you experience problems with downloading the installer - perhaps due to your system's concerns of its executable nature - try to click  2.5.3 for Excel 32 bit or  2.5.3 for Excel 64 bit to download the corresponding zip archive, the contents of which you can later extract in any folder you choose. In the extraction folder you will see a file called setup.exe, which you must run to carry out the installation.

After installation, you will notice a new task pane labelled "Deriscope" at the right of your spreadsheet window each time you open Excel. Plenty of user guidance is available in that task pane for the less intuitive areas of functionality.

It is not required to uninstall a previously installed Deriscope version - if any - prior to installing a new one. You can nevertheless easily uninstall Deriscope at any time through control panel as you would uninstall any other application.

The proper setup of Deriscope requires that the Microsoft .NET4 running environment is already installed on your pc. In the unlikely event this is not the case, the Deriscope setup program will ask your permission to carry out that prerequisite installation, which may last a few minutes due to the quite large size of the respective package.

If after a successful installation the Deriscope task pane does not appear in Excel, you may have to check your Excel's permissions with respect to loading external addins, as Excel will not load an addin if the security level is too restrictive. In this case you will have to tweak Excel's options to allow it loading the Deriscope addin.