The Excel Derivatives Periscope

License Issues

After a long period of not using Deriscope, you may experience problems during startup. Deriscope may complain that your license cannot be validated.
Before contacting Support, consider the two frequently occurred cases below:

Unexpected license failure

This often happens after a computer crash or a major system software update.
Ultimately there may be a corruption of the CDM file that is normally kept in your device:
Please do the following:
1) Close Excel
2) Open the Windows Explorer and type %programdata% inside the top row where normally the full path of the current selection is shown, as sheen below.

3) Hit the ENTER key.
4) You should now be at the location where your standard ProgramData folder is kept at your machine. You should normally see a subfolder named Deriscope, which contains your license CDM file.
5) If you see the Deriscope folder, simply remove it! You can do so, for example, by selecting that folder and hitting the DELETE key.
6) If you don't see it, this could be due to a lack of write access to the ProgramData folder during the first license activation. In that case, the license CDM file should be located in a folder called DeriscopeConfigFiles that must exist inside your personal documents folder. Go to that folder and look for a file named Deriscope.cdm. Delete that file, if you find it!
7) Restart Excel.
8) Try to start Deriscope in the usual fashion. Since now no CDM file can be found on your machine, Deriscope will think you are trying to use it for the first time and present you with the License Activation dialog screen.
9) Enter your License Activation code, your email and password. IMPORTANT: You must provide the exact same email and password that you used during your first activation of that code. If you have forgotten any of these, you may recover them here or by contacting me.

Deriscope version incompatible with your license

The failure may be due to the fact that your license does not support the installed Deriscope version.
At the present time all new licenses come with a free upgrades period of one year, but you need to consult your purchase records, since it is possible that your particular license was issued with a different period.
If you have accidentally installed a new Deriscope version on a date after the end of your free upgrades period, you would need to do the following:
1) Close Excel
2) Uninstall Deriscope through the Apps section of your Windows Settings
3) Install Deriscope using the installer file that you used for the installation of your most recent properly working version. The installer file is the file that is downloaded from the Deriscope server when you click on the Download button. It carries the .exe extension and its name looks like DeriscopeInstal_1.1.7583.35107_9.1.0.exe, where the actual shown numbers indicate the respective time and version. In this example, the version is 9.1.0, from the last 3 digits.
4) Start Excel. If the problem persists, see the Remedy Effort below.
In case you have not kept a copy of the installer file, let me know so that I can send it to you.