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subscription (monthly / annual) or one-off payment

The one-off payment grants access either for one year or for ever.

Pricing Plans

Here are the licenses for the Deriscope Derivatives Analytics application.
The licenses for accessing Live Feeds in Excel are listed at the Live Feeds Pricing page

Please read the Terms & Policies before using this software.
Please install Deriscope and ensure it works properly before buying a license!

Monthly Subscription Plan

All prices represent ex-Vat US dollar amounts per user paid monthly.


(Fixed Seat)
(Variable Seat)


(Fixed Seat)
(Variable Seat)

Annual Subscription Plan

All prices represent ex-Vat US dollar amounts per user paid annually.


(Fixed Seat)
(Variable Seat)


(Fixed Seat)
(Variable Seat)

One-Off Payment for One Year Access

All prices represent ex-Vat US dollar amounts per user paid only once.


(Fixed Seat)
(Variable Seat)


(Fixed Seat)
(Variable Seat)

One-Off Payment for Perpetual Access

All prices represent ex-Vat US dollar amounts per user paid only once.


(Fixed Seat)
(Variable Seat)


(Fixed Seat)
(Variable Seat)


The Setup of a Free Trial Version page contains detailed instructions.

After you have decided which type of license is most suitable for your needs, you must click on one of the two buttons appearing at the bottom of the respective column and look like this:

Deriscope Buy Buttons

See next question for an explanation of the difference between the Fixed Seat and Variable Seat license types.
The button will take you to the corresponding checkout page where you can review the total cost associated with the chosen license, enter the desired number of seats (users) and the required information (credit card, banck account etc) in order to finalize the purchase order.
The process is fully automated and you will receive an email with the license activation code as soon as you have submitted this information online and your account has been successfully debited with the corresponding amount.
Provided you have installed Deriscope prior to purchasing a license - as adviced in order to ensure that Deriscope runs properly on your device -, you will be then able to start Excel and enter the activation code in the special window that pops up when you enable Deriscope in Excel through the ribbon button Load Deriscope Deriscope Load Button

If you already have some older license - perhaps the trial license - that is currently active on your device, you must first click on the ribbon button Deactivate License (shown below) and then restart Excel in order to have the special license window appearing after you click on the Load Deriscope ribbon button.

Deriscope Deactivate License

The Fixed Seat license for one user is tight to one device.
The Variable Seat license for one user is more flexible because it allows the user to run Deriscope on any device, with the only restriction that only one device runs Deriscope at any given time.
For example, if you want to run Deriscope at your office pc while at work, but also at you private laptop when you return home, a Variable Seat license would be up to the task.
It is recommended though that traders use a Fixed Seat license on the pc where they trade because the Variable Seat license may obstruct access if it has been running unknowingly in another device.
In general, the Fixed Seat license is more stable as it does not need to run frequent authorization codes.
The above generalize in the case of a team license for N users.
Then under a Fixed Seat license there must be N fixed devices on which the team license is installed, which means that no other device can be used to run Deriscope.
Under a Variable Seat license the only restriction is that no more than N devices can run Deriscope at the same time, but otherwise the identity of the devices is allowed to vary over time.

It means that the indicated feature is only partially supported in the respective license.
See the topics below for details on each feature and how it may be restricted by the various license types.

This feature refers to the acquisition of real time quotes and historical time series of stock prices and fx rates from various free or low cost providers, such as Yahoo Finance or IEX.
These feeds are obviously not 100% reliable and should not be relied upon for the purpose of professional trading.
More details are available here.
Without a license, this feature is not available.

This feature refers to the computation of projected future cash flows, such as bond coupons, swap payments etc.
In case these flows rely on certain curves, they will be computable only if your license also supports the creation of these curves.
Without a license, this feature is supported only in association with flat curves.

Showcase example: Swap.

This feature refers to the computation of bond metrics such as clean price, duration, convexity etc.
In case these metrics rely on certain curves, then they will be computable only if your license also supports the creation of these curves.
Without a license, the following bond functions are supported:
Clean Price --- Dirty Price --- Yield --- Settlement Value --- Start Date --- Maturity Date --- Previous Cash Flow Date --- Next Cash Flow Date --- Previous Cash Flow Amount --- Next Cash Flow Amount --- Previous Coupon Rate --- Next Coupon Rate --- Is Tradable

Showcase example: Bond in Excel.
Technical details Bond Description and Bond Functions.

This feature refers to the calculation of the fair value - also known as NPV (Net Present Value) - of all asset types listed under DOCUMENTATION.
Without a license, only the pricing of a few products is supported.
The Standard license carries the restriction that Portfolios and Blotters cannot have more than 5 trades.

Showcase examples: FX Forwads & Swaps,  Currency Swaps,  Stock Option,  American Option,  Asian Option,  Swaption,  CDS.
Technical details here.
Technical details here.

This feature refers to the Value at Risk computation of a single asset or a portfolio of assets.
The VaR of a certain tradable can be only computed if your license supports the pricing of that tradable.
The Standard license carries the restriction that the number of simulated scenarios does not exceed 1,000.

Showcase examples: How to compute the VaR,  VaR of a Multi-Currency FX Options Portfolio.
Technical details here.

This feature refers to curves created with a single number as the market input.
The typical example is a yield curve that represents a constant (flat) continuous compounded interest rate.
Exceptionally curves that cannot be created as flat - such as discrete dividend and inflation curves - are also supported.
Note that flat curves represent a good approximation in several real life situations.
As a matter of fact, they carry on approximation cost in the case of single terminal cash flows, such as European Options or Zero Bonds.

This feature refers to a curve construction out of one-dimensional market data.
An example is a yield curve built out of an array of swap rates.
Another example is a volatility curve built out of an array of maturity-dependent vols.

Showcase examples: Domestic Yield Curve --- Foreign Yield Curve.
Technical details on all curves at the bottom of DOCUMENTATION.

This feature refers to a curve construction out of two-dimensional (or higher) market data.
An example is a volatility curve built out of a table of vols that depend on both maturity and strike.

Showcase example: Swaption Volatility Cube.
Technical details on volatility curve types here.

This feature refers to the generation of an array (or arrays) of NPV changes, where each array element holds the NPV change caused by a shift in a specific input market rate.
For example, the NPV may depend on a yield curve built out of 1 deposit, 5 futures and 10 swap rates.
Then the non-flat risk wrt this yield curve would appear as three arrays, totalling 16 elements.
This feature is supported only in the Premium license.

This feature refers to the breakdown of single instruments and portfolios.
This feature is supported only in the Premium license.

Showcase example: PnL of Interest Rate Swaps.
Technical details on PnL Breakdown here.

This feature refers to the conversion of single instruments such as Interest Rate Swaps or portfolios of such instruments so that they reference the RFR rate that must replace the Libor index after the specified Libor cessation date.
This feature is supported only in the Premium license.

Showcase example: Libor Cessation: Applying the ISDA Fallback Protocol.
Technical details on Ibor Fallback conventions here.

Even though Deriscope is designed to be as transparent and user-friendly as possible, you may lack the resources required to build your target spreadsheets in a timely fashion.
In this case, simply let us know of your requirements.
Then best efforts will be made that you receive a fully functional and documented spreadsheet.
You are also entitled to consulting services and priority handling of any custom features requests to the extent allowed by the currently available Deriscope resources.
Simply contact Deriscope Support with you specific project needs.

As soon as you have paid for a new license, you will receive an email by the payment processing company FastSpring that will contain the activation code and a link to the corresponding invoice.
You may then download the latter as a PDF file.

If your organization's procurement department requires an invoice prior to placing a purchasing order, you may request one from Deriscope Support directly.

All amounts are paid in advance.
If you purchase a subscription, you will be charged for the first period (one month or one year depending on whether the subscription is monthly or annual) immediately after the transaction is complete.
Afterward, you will be charged for the second period on the day when the second period starts, provided that you have not canceled your subscription prior to that day.
These recurring payments will continue until you decide to cancel.
If you purchase a one-off license, you will be charged only once immediately after the transaction is complete.
As an example, if you place a monthly subscription order on 23 February 2022, your payment account will be charged immediately on that same date with the stated monthly amount and you will be sent per email - also immediately - an activation code that will give you access to Deriscope until 23 March 2022.
Your access to Deriscope will continue after 23 March 2022 and until 23 April only if the second monthly payment is made on or shortly after 23 March 2022.
This pattern will continue indefinitely until the subscription is canceled.

While you keep a subscription, you will be required to pay the exact same USD amount at the beginning of each subscription period as that you paid when you started your subscription.
This amount can never change while the subscription is in effect.
Please note that only the USD-denominated amount stays fixed.
If the bank account being debited with the subscription payments is denominated in a non-USD currency, you will notice that the debited amount in that other currency changes over time due to the fact that the applicable fx rate at each settlement time does not stay fixed.

Deriscope outsources all license-related payments to the third party company FastSpring that is based in Santa Barbara, California, exists since 2005 and is considered very reliable.
More precisely, FastSpring acts as a Deriscope license's reseller so that the client buys the license from FastSpring.
You will also notice that the URL of the check out page is part of the domain, which should make you feel assured that any account data you input in that page are handled directly by FastSpring.

You may opt to send the required funds to the business account of Deriscope's sole proprietor Ioannis Rigopoulos.
Further details can be obtained by contacting Deriscope Support.

In general, various types of credit and debit cards, PayPal, Amazon and wire transfers.
The exact supported methods are country depended.
As you proceed to the checkout page, you will see them listed.

All payment details are securely transfered and - by default - also stored in the FastSpring servers.
They are never transferred to the Deriscope server.
Nevertheless, you still have the option to overwrite this default so that no such details are stored for future usage, such as the automated execution of recurring subscription payments.
All you need to do is to simply uncheck the little checkbox "Securely save payment details" at the checkout screen, shown below:

Checkout Secure Payment

By unchecking this box, your payment details will not be saved with the FastSpring server.
Note though that choosing this option means you will need to manually provide the payment details at the start of each subscription period.
By the way, this is also the standard procedure for making the subscription payments through wire transfer, as explained in the answer to the next question.

Because you haven't unchecked the little checkbox "Securely save payment details" at the checkout screen, shown below:

Checkout Secure Payment

By unchecking this box, your payment details will not be saved with the FastSpring server and the Wire Transfer option will appear in the list of payment methods, provided it is available in your country.

You have the right to cancel a monthly or annual subscription at any time without penalty.
In general, you are not entitled to a refund except when your cancellation is followed by a new purchase as part of an upgrade.
More details and an example can be found at the Deriscope's Refund Policy

While in Excel, you will see a ribbon button named "License".
When you click on that button, a menu of options appears.
One of them is named "Manage Deriscope Licences", as shown below.
Choose that option and follow the instructions.

Checkout Secure Payment

Alternatively, you can use the link for managing your account details that must have been sent to you per email after you purchased your subscription.
You may of course also contact Deriscope Support and ask for your subscription to be terminated.

When you are in the checkout page you will see a small square at the top right of the screen where you may enter any integer greater or equal to 1 and which represents the number of users (or seats) that will be given access to Deriscope by the about to be purchased license.

Number of Seats

You will also notice that the displayed total price goes up as you increase this number.

Volume discounts apply as follows:
2 - 4 users: 10%
5 - 9 users: 15%
10 or more users: 20%
The displayed total price will reflect these discounts.

Free upgrades are granted only during an initial period of one year since the license was first activated.
This important restriction applies to both subscriptions and one-off payments.

If you want to upgrade past the first one year, you would need to purchase a new license at the then stated price.
If you were holding a subscription, you would need to cancel it before the new license comes into effect so that you won't keep being charged for both the old and the new subscription.
In all cases, a pro rata discount corresponding to any unused portion of your old license minus one month will be applied on the cost of the new license upon request, provided that a) your old license has been terminated before the new license takes effect and b) the new license is of an equal or higher value than the old license.
You may look up the answer to the above question "What is your cancellation policy?" for an example of how the pro rata discount is calculated.

Of course the best!
In more formal terms, if you hold a Premium license you will also be entitled on consultation services on issues relating to derivatives pricing and efficient spreadsheet techniques.
Your new feature requests will also be handled with a higher priority.
If you lack the time or expertise to setup your envisioned solutions, we could undertake this task for either free or an agreed fee depending on the project's complexity.
If you hold a Standard or Live Feeds license, you will be entitled to basic technical support on issues related strictly to Deriscope usage.
In all cases, basic customer support is available throughout the life of the subscription.
Please note that in order to ensure a timely and efficient response to your queries, you are generally expected to have read through the information contained in FAQ and the Quick Guide before contacting Support.

You ought to be able to use Deriscope - albeit in restricted form - immediately after installation, even on the absence of any license.
After you have placed an order for a license, you will receive the license code by email instantly.
You may then start Excel, enable Deriscope through the ribbon button and enter the license code to the corresponding entry field of the popup dialog.

Contact Support if you want to discuss the possibility of a special disount and/or support on the implementation of specific projects.
In particular:
Freelance consultants may use Deriscope for free towards designing solutions for their clients.
Unemployed individuals looking for full-time employment may be also granted a free license so that they can showcase their prospective employers a powerful and cost effective solution to their corporate analytic needs.
Faculty and students in academic institutions may apply for a deeply discounted or even free institution-wide license.