Deriscope Type

In Deriscope terminology, a type is similar to the "class" in object oriented programming languages, such as C++.
It is a name that describes the family of all possible
Deriscope Objects that share certain properties.

Just like in an object oriented programming language, the types in Deriscope exhibit hierarchy through the following cascading structure:
At the top is the type named
Type that characterizes the family of all possible objects.
It is the
container - or parent - of all other types.
It has the following immediate (first generation)
subtypes - or - children:
Each of the above types is itself the parent of several other types.

For example, there is a type named Tradable, which is the parent of several children, such as
Bond, Zero Bond and Currency.

The meaning of this hierarchy is as follows:
Any object of a child type must also belong to any of its parent types.
For example, any object of type Zero Bond must also belong to the types Bond and Tradable.