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In order to call a Deriscope VBA function or subroutine from within your VBA code, the following 4 lines should be inserted in your code so that they run before any Deriscope functions are called:

Dim addin As COMAddIn
Dim adxModule As Object
Set addin = Application.COMAddIns.Item("DeriscopeGui.AddinModule")
Set adxModule = addin.Object

Next you may call a Deriscope subroutine named XYZ that returns no value and takes as input the arguments a1, a2, ..., with or without the Call keyword as follows:

Call adxModule.XYZ(a1, a2, ...)
adxModule.XYZ(a1, a2, ...)

If the Deriscope subroutine named XYZ takes no arguments, you should omit the parentheses:

Call adxModule.XYZ

If the Deriscope function named XYZ returns a value, you cannot use the Call keyword if you want to access the returned value:

x = adxModule.XYZ(a1, a2, ...)