Excel Deriscope Ribbon

The Excel Deriscope Ribbon is a group of buttons that appear at the top of the Excel window when the top menu bar item Deriscope is selected.
When Excel starts, the Deriscope addin is normally not enabled and the Deriscope Ribbon contains only two buttons, as shown below:

As soon as Deriscope is loaded, several more buttons appear, divided into different groups, as shown below:

An informational tooltip is displayed when one hovers the mouse over any button.

While all buttons provide some utility, three of them are singled out for their quite frequent use, as shown in the above picture.

The Recalc button
is used to force the recalculation of all formulas that satisfy certain criteria.

The date element displays the currently applicable
global trade date and can be used to change it to any other date.

Live Chat button facilitates the direct communication with a member of the Deriscope Support Team.