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The dsLiveStartEngine is a special spreadsheet function supplied by Deriscope that you may enter in any cell in order to continously retrieve live feeds from a given provider.
This function is meant to be executed only once for any given set of inputs.
If the inputs have changed, the currently active engine stops and a new engine - defined through the new inputs - starts.
Note this function returns no live feeds.
It only returns an object that contains information about the current state of the live feeds engine.
The live feeds themselves may be displayed on the spreadsheet by using the Excel formula named

This function takes up to four arguments.

The first argument is a text code that specifies the live feeds provider.
Currently these
Live Feeds Providers are allowed.

The second argument specifies the time interval lapsed between successive feed downloads expressed in seconds.
A non-positive entry instructs Deriscope to stop the update.

The third argument supplies one or more tickers arranged vertically in some column.

The fourth argument is optional and supplies the particular properties - such as "price", associated with the given tickers that should be retrieved from the live feeds provider.
These properties are expected to be arranged horizontally in some row.
The fourth argument may be missing, in which case the property indicating the last traded price is assumed.

If you want to either stop or modify the update interval of an already started process, then you only need to provide the first two arguments.

Note there cannot exist several live feed processes from the same provider simultaneously. Starting a new process has the sideeffect of stopping the previous process.