Function Selector

The Function Selector is the third row of the
Input Area, shown below marked in red at its default state.

It enables the user to browse through all the
Deriscope Functions, which are accessible for the currently selected Deriscope Type and Deriscope Object in the Type Selector and Object Selector respectively.
As soon as a new type is selected in the Type Selector that is not
abstract, the Function Selector is automatically set to the function Create for the user's convenience, since this is the most frequently used function associated with a non-anstract type.
Below is the wizard's state after the type
IRS has been selected.

Information on the current state of the Function Selector is immediately displayed in a popup window as the user hovers with the mouse over it, as shown below:

Clicking on the Function Selector will display a popup window listing all functions that apply on the currently selected type, as shown below:

The three columns contain the following information:
First column: Function's name
Second column: Most ancestral type where the function is originally defined
Third column: Function's context expressed as either L or S, the initial letters for
local function and static function respectively.
Fourth column: Function's Excel volatile status expressed as either V or NV, meaning Volatile and Non-Volatile respectively.

As the user hovers the mouse over the listed rows, the
Key-Value pairs expected as input by each function appear in the Browse Area and the function's description appears in the Info Area, as shown below:

Note that by default, the
Global Keys are hidden and are not displayed in the Browse Area
If they are ever needed, they can be unhidden as described in the above link.