Ledger Entry

Ledger Entry is a
direct subtype of Financial with functions Ledger Entry Functions, keys Ledger Entry keys and example object LdgEntry that represents basic bookkeeping information relating to the acquisition and likely disposal of a trading asset.
It is an optional part of every object of type
Tradable, being the Value corresponding to the Key Ledger Entry
It affects a tradable's pricing in the following two occations:
When either a) the
Acq Date is greater than VD or b) its Disp Date is less or equal to VD, where VD is the applicable valuation date.
In both of these occations, the price of the referenced tradable equals zero.

Any non-zero fee defined in
Acq Fee or Disp Fee has no impact on the tradable's pricing.
This makes sense because the calculated NPV of any tradable reflects the present value of all cash flows stemming from that tradable.
The fees are external cash flows that have nothing to do with the contract characteristics of the tradable.
Nevertheless, the fees are reported as part of the corresponding cash flows table and also contribute to the tradable's income calculated by the
Price function if the input model of type Advanced Pricing specifies so.

The Ledger Entry is generally set when the tradable is created as part of a portfolio (i.e. object of type
Portfolio) being generated out of transaction data contained in a blotter (i.e. object of type Blotter).
But it may also be set using the function
Set Ledger Entry