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Market is a Type that represents the parent Deriscope Type of any Deriscope Object that describes what is commonly called "Market Data".
A Market object generally contains a collection of
Valuation objects.
It is needed as input in the pricing of
Tradable and the valuation of Quotable objects.
in particular, the Price and Value functions of Tradable and Quotable respectively, will search inside the provided Market object to retrieve any required data, such as discount factors or tradable prices or historical data.
In some sense, the Market input to those functions, may be considered as the most "important" input, since it represents "objective" information, as opposed to the Model input which represents "subjective" information.
In other words, getting the
Model input "wrong" can be "forgiven" - or rather "interpreted" - as some alternative modelling view. But getting the Market input wrong is typically not even an option!