The Wizard is a specialized taskpane embedded in the Excel spreadsheet that - together with the
Excel Deriscope Ribbon and Excel DeriLive Ribbon - assists the user with various tasks.
In particular, it helps the user with:

1) Setting up formulas according to the Deriscope syntax and inserting them in the spreadsheet.
2) Inspecting the contents of objects.
3) Getting information on parameters that are used as input to Deriscope formulas.
4) Getting information on output values of Deriscope formulas.

The Wizard is made available in Excel through a COM Add-in named DeriscopeGui that is listed in the screen attainable through Excel Options, as shown below:

The Wizard normally appears at the right-hand-side of Excel as soon as Deriscope is loaded and looks as below:

If wished, it can be dragged as a whole to the left of the spreadsheet or resized by dragging its vertical border.

Since the Wizard interacts with the user's actions on the spreadsheet, it may sometimes interfere with them in surprising ways.
For this reason, it is recommended that it is kept out of sight when it is not needed, by clicking on the double arrow at its top-right corner.

The Wizard consists of the following three areas:
Input Area
Browse Area
Info Area