The dsGet is a special spreadsheet function supplied by Deriscope that you may enter in any range in order to display the most recently asynchronously acquired
Live Feeds

In practice, this function is generated and pasted in the spreadsheet with the help of the
Excel DeriLive Ribbon buttons.

Web blog example
It takes exactly three arguments and has the following form:
=dsGet( provider, tickers, fields )

The first argument provider is a text code that specifies the live feeds provider.
Currently these
Live Feeds Providers are allowed.

The second argument tickers is an array of tickers, such as MSFT, GOOG etc, vertically orriented in some column.

The third argument fields is an array of fields (properties) - such as "price", "time" that should be retrieved from the live feeds provider.
These properties are expected to be arranged horizontally in some row.