The dsLive is a special spreadsheet function supplied by Deriscope that you may enter in any cell in order to kick off a live feeds related operation.

In practice, this function is generated and pasted in the spreadsheet with the help of the
Excel DeriLive Ribbon buttons.

Web blog example
It has one of the following two forms:
=dsLive( handle )
=dsLive( runFlag, handle )

The first form is the standard one that returns live data as dictated by a pre-existing
Deriscope Object, the handle name of which is passed to this function as the input argument handle
The second form executes the live data fetch operation only if the first argument runFlag is a boolean equal to TRUE

If runFlag is FALSE, the function simply returns the old data that happen to exist in the function's output range.
If runFlag is a single value equalling either some text starting with the hash sign # or some number, the function returns that single value.
In all othe cases of the runFlag, the function returns #N/A

The type of the object pointed by handle must derive from
Live Request
Note there exist the following nine different concrete subtypes of Live Request that handle various live feeds jobs:
Buffer Setup
Live AV
Live IEX
Live FH
Hist YF
Hist AV
Hist FH
Hist MS
Hist IEX
Hist Comp