The dsTrimCols is a special spreadsheet function supplied by Deriscope that creates a data array out of the contents of the source range by keeping or trimming away selected columns.

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It takes at least 4 arguments with two additional optional arguments and has the following form:

=dsTrimCols( source, include, matchType, matchValues, [matchLineIndex], [ignoreCase] )

The arguments are as follows:

source: The range supplying the original data.

include: Boolean. True means the specified columns must be included in the output array and effectively all other columns are trimmed away. False means they must be excluded from the output array.

matchType: Text defining the type of criteria used in locating the affected columns. Possible values are: ByIndex, ByExactMatch, ByLessMatch, ByGreaterMatch, ByPartialMatch, ByPrefixMatch, BySuffixMatch

matchValues: If matchType = ByIndex, a two-column range containing integers, where the two integers in each row define a range of processed columns. Otherwise a single column with the required reference values.

matchLineIndex: Optional integer (default = 1) that identifies the row in the source range that contains the reference values that are compared against the matchValues in order to locate the processed columns. 1 corresponds to the top row of the source range.

ignoreCase: Optional boolean that dictates whether string comparisons should be case sensitive or not. If not specified, the default is true, meaning not case sensitive.