handle name

In Deriscope terminology, a handle name is a text used to identify and access a particular
Deriscope Object.
Every Deriscope Object must have its own unique handle name as soon as it is created. The respective text is typically generated automatically by Deriscope but you have the option to supply a custom text.
When an object has been created, its handle name carries a distinguished prefix that is an element from the list
Access Mode and serves to identify the object's access rights.
Both case and spaces in a handle name matter.
For example, the handle names My Stock , MyStock and MY STOCK are all different.
Note a dot sign "." followed by a number may appear at the end of a handle name during user interaction.
For example, one may see My Stock.3 rather than My Stock.
This extra suffix is added for keeping track of the number of times the object referred by the handle name gets updated.
It is not considered to be part of the handle name.