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Deriscope direct contact

Direct Contact

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Germany T: +49 951 30120814
Germany C: +49 176 42048212

For a more efficient resolution of your queries, you are kindly asked to read through the information contained in the FAQ and the Quick Guide before contacting Support.

Deriscope Troubleshooting


If you experience problems with Deriscope installation, loading/startup behavior or using your license, you would most likely find the solution at the troubleshooting page.

You may also request direct help by email at support@deriscope.com

Please include information, such as screenshots, that help illustrate the problem.

Deriscope Self Learning

Self Learning

Detailed information on all Deriscope aspects is publicly available without a license through the Quick Guide, FAQ and the Resources site blog articles and videos.

The easiest way to understand Deriscope is by installing it and interacting with its Excel wizard.

Deriscope installation is free and anonymous.

Deriscope Excel Issues

Excel Issues

If you cannot find an answer to your question at the FAQ for Excel Usage and the Quick Guide, you may chat with Deriscope Support right through Excel by clicking on the Live Chat Excel ribbon button